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Very sick joke

Whats black and blue and doesnt want to have sex
A Rape Victim

Free sick sick joke

Statistics show that 9 out of 10 people DO enjoy gang rape. (think about it)

Very very Sick free Joke

How do you know when your girlfriend is too young. when you have to make aeroplane noises to get your cock in her mouth. (its a joke fuck off )

another free Very Sick Joke

Guy comes home to find his girlfriend sitting on the stairs crying with her bags packed. whats going on he askes. i am leaving you coz ive heard your a peadophile. "peadophile", "peadophile" he replies thats a big word for a 14 year old.

Meduim sick joke

A 6 year old kid comes home from school and sits down on the couch next 2 his dad,
the dad asks how his first day of school went. The kid replied,
good, but all the kids kept talking about a vagina, and Iím not sure what that is.
The dad told the kid the vagina is a beautiful thing before sex it looks like a beautiful rose in bloom,
the kid asked well what does it looks like after sex the dad proceeded to tell him,
well son, have ever seen a bulldog eat mayonaise

Very very sick joke. but funny as hell.

A little boy and a pedophile are walking in the deep, dark woods. The little boy says
Mister, Iam scared These woods are really creepy.
The pedophile replies, How do you think I feel I have to walk back all by myself.

sick joke

Q: How did the Mexican mother know that her daughter was on her period
A: She could taste the blood off her sons penis

Not so sick joke

Three drunks sitting at a bar discussing who was the most drunk drunk the previous day
1st drunk says i was so drunk last night i went home and blew chunks
2nd drunk says Thats nothing! I was so drunk last night i drove home crashed into a tree
kicked my front door down and woke up in the garden
3rd drunk says Thats nothing! I was so drunk last night I stole a police car drove it into my house
threw the TV out of the window and wet the bed
The 1st drunk says I dont think you understood me Chunks is my dog

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